Affordable Websites- Tips on Improving Your Website

Cheap, affordable websites is what focuses on but we read many articles from the web and are always trying to better our web designing services for the Nashville area. Recently, we read an article from Marketing Profs and thought we would share it with you. The article discussed ten tips to improve your website’s SEO (search engine optimization).

1. Affordable Website Tip #1

The first tip discussed the importance of having credible content on your affordable website. Even if you have good keywords, your website can get bogged down with keywords and your viewers will not make sense of anything on your webpage. Although keywords are important, do not overuse them!

2. Affordable Website Tip #2

The second tip advises people to decide where they feel comfortable and stay there. I.e. “find your niche and stay there”. As a website you do not need to have content discussing everything. Focus on the main things you want to highlight and stay with that!

3. Affordable Website Tip #3

Google offers keyword suggestions and the third point they discuss is to use the suggestions that Google offers. Do not over-use them but it is good to insert them throughout your website’s content.

4. Affordable Website Tip #4

Fourthly, having custom URL’s is an option- use them! It is much better for your website viewers to know which page they are looking at rather then just having a random page title. For example, if you have a page about cooking steak, instead of <>, convert your URL into something like <>. That is much more search engine friendly. That is the example they used in their article and it is the same advice we share with you.

5. Affordable Website Tip #5

The fifth one goes along with the fourth but always use page titles and meta descriptions. Allow the viewers to know what they are looking at before they go to a page that they may have not wanted to go to.

6. Affordable Website Tip #6

Sixth, when adding a picture to your website, always use HTML tags so when the search spiders see your image they are able to know what they are looking at. These tags should consist of a quick description of what the image is of or what it relates to in your website’s content.

7. Affordable Website Tip #7

Seventh, always build internal links in your website. Each page should have links to your website’s homepage and, if they relate to other pages on your website, they should have a link to the associated pages.

8. Affordable Website Tip #8

Eighth, try enabling external links. Unlike the seventh point, try to have links from off your website pointing to your website. This is harder to achieve but once achieved, you will see that the difference in SEO will be much greater.

9. Affordable Website Tip #9

Ninth, install social media links to your webpages. Your readers will be more  willing to share how good your website is if a social media link is readily accessible. Eventually that information will feed back to the search engines and create valuable external links.

10. Affordable Website Tip #10

Lastly, they encourage to stay away from Flash websites. Search spiders aren’t able to penetrate them and follow the links so it is always a good idea to stay away from Flash for websites and stick with purely text-based written content.

We are a website design company in Nashville that offers cheap, affordable websites but we hope this has helped you. We would love to hear your feedback so please comment below.

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