Affordable Website Design Landing Pages

What is a landing page you may ask?

A landing page is typically the website page that you are sent to after clicking on an ad. The landing page on your website can be important because unlike the home page of your website a landing page can be optimized to match the content of the ad. Your website has a lot of content on it and being able to deliver the exact content that someone is wanting quickly can make a huge difference.

Forms on a Website’s Landing Page

One very popular thing to do is place a contact form on your website’s landing page. This gives the visitor the option to fill the form when visiting your website. Some affordable options are to use They have a great free version that will let you create 3 forms and embed them on your website. They will even email and text you when a form has been filled.

Lets say you have an ad for Water Heater Replacement. The ad directs the visitor the landing page that has info about common water heater problems the has a form below. “Would you like a representative to give you a price on a new water heater?” Of course I would. So the visitor gives you their info and you reply back promptly. This is a great way to get an affordable website landing page created.

Free Unlimited Website Landing Pages
One of the great thing about Small Buck is that we have free unlimited landing pages. You have the ability to create affordable website pages with out having them show in the website navigation. We also allow you to add a form at the bottom of the page. This can be a big help to any business looking for an affordable website solution. Especially if you plan to advertise online.

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